A-Z Sportswear

A–Z is the result of a joint venture of Swedish football genius Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Petter Varner, head of the Norwegian clothing giant Varner. History is full of random partnerships that have enriched our world. Our goal is to make A-Z one of these.


A–Z is a brand with one mission - to make it possible for anyone to play sports. No matter where you start. No matter where you’ll end up. A–Z is made for training - all kinds of training. For everyone, no matter the sport. Because you don’t need a lot of different tights to go out running or practice yoga. All you need is one T-shirt. One pair of shorts. One pair of shoes. You don’t need a hi-tech t-shirt to get picked for the national team. Either you make it happen. Or you don’t.

This brand is for all you fighters. Every single one of you who knows that nothing is settled during a game or race, but rather in the 7 million minutes before it even starts. The hours you need to get stronger. Faster. Greater.

It's not about the gear. It's all about you. And the time it takes to get from A–Z.