Privacy Policy

Applies to applications which are submitted outside the recruitment system 

Varner uses recruitment systems to enable efficient application handling and communication with potential candidates. Before submitting an application via our systems, you are informed about how we handle personal data and actively give your consent.

Applications for announced positions

Applications are mainly submitted through our recruitment system and are stored and deleted according to the given privacy policy. Now and then, applications are submitted «manually», by post or e-mail. In such cases, the documents will be stored in a safe place as long as the process is ongoing. Thereafter, the documents will be shredded.

Only those who are directly involved in the recruitment process, have access to personal data. We do not share your data with others, and store them only in order to evaluate you as a candidate for a position.

Open applications

We often receive open applications (applications for future openings) in our stores, outside the recruitment system. These are stored in an appropriate place, where authorized people have access.

Think about which information you include in your application and do not share sensitive information. Open applications will be shredded at the latest after 6 months. This also applies to applications that are sent by e-mail or by post.

By submitting an application outside the recruitment system, you confirm that you have read and understood our guidelines for storage of personal data. You can withdraw your consent at any time and request that your application gets shredded by contacting the place where you handed in the application.

It is optional to share personal data, but we inform you that all applicants needs to accept our privacy policy to be able to hand in their application.

If you have questions regarding personal data, you are welcome to contact us:
Varner Att: HR
Nesøyveien 4, Postboks 124
1376 Billingstad
+47 66 77 31 00